• Product Update: We launched a DIY portal for sales contact data


    After a lot of testing and trials, we finally launched our DIY Portal for company and contact data a couple of weeks ago. The UI of the web app makes sales prospecting and getting sales contact data a cakewalk. Our app gives you access to 13 company and contact filters…

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  • A sales rep’s diary: Giver or taker?


    People have different motives in interactions, be it work-related or personal life. Some are self-serving and focus on what they can get out of the interaction. Some focus on what they can do for others. Like Adam Grant put it on his TED talk, there are 3 kinds of people…

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  • How We Hacked A Conference And Got 120 High-Quality Leads


    Conferences are like bad stand-up comedy acts. You are all excited when they announce the show and you go there with high expectations. In the end, you leave wondering if those two jokes that worked for you were worth the bomb you spent to go there. Crossing 1500 miles to…

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  • Why are founders better at sales prospecting?


    CEOs and co-founders sell better than the SDRs in a company. This isn’t just a statement. It is a fact. Why wouldn’t it be? Say, you identify a pain point and come up with a stellar solution. You then go ahead and make a prototype and convince people to invest…

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  • How should fulfilment companies qualify their e-commerce leads?


    A little while after the internet became a crucial part of our lives, a big bang happened in the way people used to shop. E-commerce companies started sprouting up and omni-channel retailing became an indispensable survival method. We covered that topic in this article we published earlier. E-commerce fulfilment companies…

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  • Guessing an E-commerce company’s revenue


    Not knowing the revenue range of a company you’re selling to can be a major handicap for any salesperson. With so many private e-commerce companies cropping up, the revenue numbers have been guarded almost as religiously as Coca Cola’s recipe. Finding out the exact e-commerce revenue without any inside sources…

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  • Be Omni-channel, be on the right side of retail history


    Abandoned malls, big-box retailers declaring bankruptcy, major players shutting down flagship stores – these have become constants in the retail news these days. The way people shop isn’t the same anymore. Sometime in the turn of the millennium, Amazon stopped being just a rainforest and started being associated with books…

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  • All You Need To Know About Demand Generation


    Back in the early 2000s, my marketing professor used to say “Marketing is a field where practice precedes theory”. How true! Marketers are experimenters. They try new ideas every week to engage with their audiences. Some of their experiments work and scale well. Theory then catches up with what works…

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  • Why email marketing campaigns shouldn’t be fully automated


    Email marketing campaigns are notorious for their monotony. Take an email template that has been working well for you, add 2 follow-up email templates, personalise it to address the recipient by their first name and mention their company’s name somewhere and BAM! You just made yourself the most basic email…

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