• Why email marketing campaigns shouldn’t be fully automated


    Email marketing campaigns are notorious for their monotony. Take an email template that has been working well for you, add 2 follow-up email templates, personalise it to address the recipient by their first name and mention their company’s name somewhere and BAM! You just made yourself the most basic email…

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  • A sales rep’s diary: The fluff factor in sales management


    When the 300 Spartans led by King Leonidas were faced by the Persian army who were numerically superior to them, they weren’t fazed. Not for a moment. They held their head high, stood to the ground, fought off and killed a majority of the Persian soldiers. They proved to be…

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  • Tested on humans: 4 steps for writing a better prospecting email


    Let’s say you are against spam. And you found the exact reason why you should send an unsolicited prospecting email to an unsuspecting, busy, tired, stress-afflicted VP type. And I will give it to you that, the email has the right intentions and the recipient is going to thank you…

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  • How to make your subject lines stand out?


    Subject lines can drastically change the success rate of your email marketing campaign. With almost 35% of the recipients deciding whether they should open a mail or not based on the subject line, The importance of a good subject line increases manifold. The usual pointers like “keep it concise”, “personalise”,…

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  • How to make accurate sales forecasts?


    You don’t have to own flowy robes and crystal balls to see the future. A reliable forecasting method in place can be your clairvoyant. That’s essentially the whole idea behind revenue forecasting. Forecasting is not just a fun tactical exercise to lit some fire under a sales rep’s back. I’ve…

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  • A rookie SDR’s diary: Guessing Email IDs


    There comes a point in everybody’s career when we are required to do “extensive cyber-research” (Come on, I’m not going use the S-word) of a total stranger to wring out valid Email IDs, let alone the correct ones. And that period has somehow made us all pretty decent Email ID…

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  • A sales rep’s diary: Should I worry about the company?


    There comes many a moment in every sales rep’s life when he’s torn between what’s good for him and what’s good for the company. Being the touchpoint between the customers and the company, a good sales rep can always see both sides of the wall. He can always figure what…

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  • People in Sales: The grossly underutilised sales prospecting tool


    There are a lot of reasons why despite a lot of competition, a few companies cut through the noise and emerge as the top players.  Why do you think Google is voted as the best company to work for, for so many years in a row? The reason isn’t just…

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  • How does lead scoring for outbound sales work?


    Lead scoring, as a term, has been thrown around in Lead generation and sales for over a decade now. There are a million articles on the world wide web about how to do it, why to do it and when to do it. 3 things to take into account before…

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  • The Pause and the prod – The art of making your prospect speak more


    The most common stereotype about salespeople is that they keep talking endlessly. Once they start pitching to their prospect, it is a word-vomit and they can’t stop talking. It is a stereotype for a reason. 75% of the salespeople steer the conversation and talk more than their client during a…

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