• How should fulfilment companies qualify their e-commerce leads?


    A little while after the internet became a crucial part of our lives, a big bang happened in the way people used to shop. E-commerce companies started sprouting up and omni-channel retailing became an indispensable survival method. We covered that topic in this article we published earlier. E-commerce fulfilment companies…

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  • Guessing an E-commerce company’s revenue


    Not knowing the revenue range of a company you’re selling to can be a major handicap for any salesperson. With so many private e-commerce companies cropping up, the revenue numbers have been guarded almost as religiously as Coca Cola’s recipe. Finding out the exact e-commerce revenue without any inside sources…

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  • Be Omni-channel, be on the right side of retail history


    Abandoned malls, big-box retailers declaring bankruptcy, major players shutting down flagship stores – these have become constants in the retail news these days. The way people shop isn’t the same anymore. Sometime in the turn of the millennium, Amazon stopped being just a rainforest and started being associated with books…

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  • The guide for Retail Conferences in 2017


    If you are a retail industry insider or someone who sells technology, services and products to the retail and e-commerce industry, here are some of the industry events and retail conferences in 2017 that you need to watch out for. The list is based on available information as of October…

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