• How to make accurate sales forecasts?


    You don’t have to own flowy robes and crystal balls to see the future. A reliable forecasting method in place can be your clairvoyant. That’s essentially the whole idea behind revenue forecasting. Forecasting is not just a fun tactical exercise to lit some fire under a sales rep’s back. I’ve…

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  • How does lead scoring for outbound sales work?


    Lead scoring, as a term, has been thrown around in Lead generation and sales for over a decade now. There are a million articles on the world wide web about how to do it, why to do it and when to do it. 3 things to take into account before…

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  • Get 16 times more leads with PipeCandy

    More Sales Leads

    That’s a very tall promise to keep up with. But PipeCandy was born because we found that email marketing could be done much better, faster and cheaper. No, I did not put those words because they have a ring to them. Let’s dissect why PipeCandy will get 16 times more…

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