June 17, 2016 by Ashwin Ramasamy

That’s a very tall promise to keep up with.

But PipeCandy was born because we found that email marketing could be done much better, faster and cheaper. No, I did not put those words because they have a ring to them.

Let’s dissect why PipeCandy will get 16 times more leads for you through email prospecting campaigns for the same money spent on traditional ways of running email campaigns.

Better Email Prospecting

PipeCandy makes you a faster email marketer by 16 times!

PipeCandy builds your lead list automatically based on the filter criteria you select. Instead of working with freelancers and relying on bought-out lead lists, you can build a lead list with people data and email contacts within minutes. You’ll spend as less as 30 minutes to build a list of 100 prospects!

PipeCandy makes your campaigns cheaper by 16 times!

Based on the math above, PipeCandy is 16 times cheaper than your traditional email campaigns when it comes to acquiring a lead. In other words, for the same amount of money, you get 16 times more leads!

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PipeCandy makes you a better email marketer!

PipeCandy delivers 2x better clicks and 5x better response rates because the content that you send are personalised to the context of the recipient. The lead lists are pre-curated to target a niche segment. With the appropriate anchor content in your email, the audience is primed to like your story.

Better clicks and better responses mean better leads for you – and this comes at 16 times lower cost!

Visit http://pipecandy.com and sign up for beta. We’ll bump you up the queue if you tweet out from this blog post and mention us in it!

Ashwin Ramasamy

Co-founder @ PipeCandy

Slips poor jokes & gets away with a poker face. Carries a no BS attitude at getting things done. First to arrive at the office, Ashwin’s energy does not ebb through the day. Ashwin is one of the co-founders and he sets the tone for marketing, sales, design & culture.