June 3, 2019 by Harshinii Rammesh


Hitting a wall searching for eCommerce companies, by using archaic industry/segment filters? Not able to find the next cool eCommerce company that’s using sustainable fabric? Meet Agent Sift, the superhero the marketing, sales and investment teams deserve! There is one thing in common for the folks in tech, fulfillment, investment, merchandising and brand teams – the shared frustration in finding the right eCommerce companies to engage with. We understand that. Trust me, as a marketer I pop in a couple of pills for migraine every day after searching for companies that are a good fit.

But have no fear of migraines anymore! Agent Sift is here! (read in the soft soothing voice of a family doc or an agent from the matrix if that’s your cuppa). Jokes apart, Agent Sift, is a search tool that allows you to search 800,000 eCommerce companies at one go. How cool is that? You are welcome 🙂

With Agent Sift (the best search tool you’d ever discover :P), you can build versatile lists of your ideal prospects limited only by your imagination. So, get creative!

What happens when you search for a specific keyword?

A list of eCommerce companies shows up with a relevance meter (based on the keyword density). And, with PipeCandy, you can enrich your list with a bunch of insights like SKU categories, phone number, employee size, location, their web traffic rank, the technology they use, etc. ecommerce-companies-agent-sift

So here are a few ways industries/personas can make the best use of our Agent Sift.

1. Find Merchandiser/Brand owners 

If you want to go down to the product level and use our search tool to find eCommerce companies that sell a particular product, all you need to do is type in that keyword and boom! You have a list of companies that sell that product with a relevance meter and insights about them.ecommerce-companies-agent-sift

2. Find Packaging Companies 

Brands these days have upped their game in terms of packaging. They want to make it as visually appealing and personalized as possible for their customers. If you need to find companies that are looking for packaging companies with a unique style or companies that do personalized packaging. You need to go for keywords relevant to that.


3. Find Computer Vision Companies 

If you want to reach out to high-end fashion companies. You can search for ecommerce companies with keywords like Hemp clothing, vegan fashion, modest fashion, ethical fashion, eco clothing, etc. which are all on-trend and you can search them with combinations like personalization, stylists, etc. and voila, you get trendy brands that care about personalization!ecommerce-companies-agent-sift
4. Find eCommerce Cannabis Companies 

One of the industries that have been growing rapidly in the recent past is the Cannabis industry. If yours is one amongst them, and you want to distribute better, try us! You can search for eCommerce companies that would be willing to sell your products on their sites, go for keywords like CBD oil, hemp oil, CBD infused lotions/ makeup/ balms/ beverages, etc.


You get the idea, right? Companies under various segments like Logistics, tech, ad agencies, marketing, martech, investors, PE firms,  etc. can use our search tool, ‘Agent Sift’.

It’d mean the world to us at PipeCandy if you could give it a spin. Also please drop us a note at sales@pipecandy.com for access to premium features or for bumping up the count of your downloads.

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Harshinii Rammesh

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