March 24, 2020 by Sitara Raman

BigCommerce market size in USA

Shopify was long renowned as an eCommerce platform pioneer, and every pioneer inevitably spawns nimble competition. Enter BigCommerce – who joined the eCommerce scene just five years after Shopify. 

Over 45,697 merchants around the world use BigCommerce, of which some 37,205 merchants are in the United States. While this is a far cry from the million merchant user-base of Shopify, BigCommerce continues to find a big following among small eCommerce merchants.

PipeCandy picked a representative sample of about 7,000 merchants and analyzed how they are distributed by Product Category, Web Traffic, and Web Sales.

Distribution by Product Categories


Category% of Companies
Apparel and Accessories18.29%
Food and Beverage9.37%
Business and Industrial8.54%
Sporting Goods7.77%
Style and Fashion4.62%
Health and Fitness4.60%
Consumer Electronics and Appliances4.52%
Home and Garden4.29%
Automotive and Vehicles3.71%

dmarket distribution of bigcommerce

Merchants selling Fashion, Food & Beverage, Business/Industrial Goods, and Sporting Goods together constitute approximately 50% of BigCommerce’s userbase. After Shopify, BigCommerce has the largest merchant base selling Fashion goods (32% vs 23%)


Distribution of  BigCommerce market by Web Traffic


Number of Unique Visitors/Month% of Companies


As our numbers show, BigCommerce seems to be composed entirely of long-tail merchants that get fewer than 100,000 unique visitors per month. This is not to say that they aren’t popular


Distribution by Web Sales:


Revenue Range% of Companies

Distribution of bigcommerce company in USA by sales

The story of BigCommerce is the same as that of similar companies – most of their merchants are making less than 1 million USD in online revenue. 

Just recently, BigCommerce announced a comprehensive guide for aspiring CBD businesses on its website. BigCommerce fully supports CBD and hemp businesses online, and it was one of the first major online e-commerce business to do so. Other initiatives BigCommerce has done include launching an instructional web series for aspiring e-retailers and facilitating international payments, just to name a few. If you want to know more about BigCommerce and other similar e-commerce platforms, Pipecandy has data on these and more – make sure to keep following our blog for more insights on e-commerce platforms.