September 23, 2019 by Sujay Seetharaman

In an earlier blog post on eCommerce product categories, we disclosed how many B2C physical goods eCommerce companies are there in the US and what product categories they sell. 

We plowed into our proprietary database of these 285,000 B2C companies to analyze what eCommerce shopping cart technologies are popular. 

Top eCommerce Shopping Cart technologiesecommerce shopping cart technologiesAt the time of writing, about 27.8% of these companies are yet to have their eCommerce shopping cart platforms identified. This segment also currently happens to be the largest. 

About 17.6% or ~50,000 eCommerce companies use homegrown carts. The leader among the named eCommerce shopping cart technologies is Shopify stores, covering 15.8% or ~45,000 companies. WooCommerce comes in second with a coverage of 9.5%, followed by Magento stores at a distant third, covering 5.3% or ~15,000 companies.

Enterprise eCommerce platforms include the likes of Demandware, SAP Hybris, IBM Websphere, Oracle, etc. 

Some sites use more than one platform and most sites use an eCommerce platform in conjunction with a payment processor or payment acceptance method. Therefore, the estimates above include these overlaps, so there is likely to be double counting.

PipeCandy tracks more than 100 eCommerce and payment technologies. If you’d like to get a feel of how the universe of eCommerce companies changes for specific combinations of technologies, check out our eCommerce Intelligence platform today!

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