June 20, 2017 by Nikilav Venkatesh

After a lot of testing and trials, we finally launched our DIY Portal for company and contact data a couple of weeks ago.

The UI of the web app makes sales prospecting and getting sales contact data a cakewalk. Our app gives you access to 13 company and contact filters to help you build a targeted list of prospects. From company specific filters like Revenue, Countries, and Industry (with over 30 industries and 750 sub-industries mapped) and people specific filters like Titles, Job Levels, and Locations, the PipeCandy app allows you to fine-tune your list to match your target market exactly.


4 Once you are happy with your filters, you can go through all the companies and people listed in the search results and tailor your list further by manually removing companies or people you don’t want to reach out to. When you are done, you can click “Get Contacts” to purchase the prospects. Within minutes, you’ll have a completed list of prospects for your sales campaigns.


Every prospect record in the list will always have an Email ID. That’s not something you get anywhere else. We also provide phone numbers wherever available and a whole set of company and prospect-level attributes.


Need some specific custom attributes?

No problem!

Our skilled data intelligence team can identify your requirements and augment your prospect list with the required custom fields.

About 20 new retail and e-commerce specific insights, CRM integrations and many more awesome features are coming up in the next version of the app. If you have any feedback or feature suggestions, write to nikilav@pipecandy.com

Nikilav Venkatesh

The product dude @ PipeCandy

Product Manager at PipeCandy - a predictive sales prospecting platform for B2B sales reps. Just about ready to ditch the training wheels.