July 4, 2017 by Ashwini Murthy

A little over a year ago, we decided to go with Loopback.js for PipeCandy. We had our reasons for choosing Loop over Sails or Meteor.

Recently, we had Murali (our CTO) reflect on the tech team’s decision. Here’s what he said:


  1. Loopback delivered on what it promises: building CRUD APIs really fast with minimal boilerplate code. We were able to roll out external facing API endpoints and a web application by marrying React.js to Loopback.
  2. It performs fairly well under load.
  3. Fairly stable code base with no nasty bugs.


  1. One feature we sorely missed was multi-tenancy out of the box. We wanted to have a schema per tenant and the way connection handling is implemented in juggler (liberal use of static) made implementing an elegant solution difficult. There is one package but has not been maintained for over a year.
  2. The newer releases are not feature packed as much as we expected. Mostly incremental features and a lot of code refactoring
  3. Given its opinionated nature and lot of automagic that happens, new developers take a bit of time to get used to it, though this is not a big issue.
  4. If you are evaluating to pick today, you might also want to consider: Koa, Meteor, Perk.

Unfortunately, the Node.js ecosystem is still very fragmented with a lot of good frameworks getting little traction.

A case in point is Perk which is a nice looking framework with well throughout components for full stack development and solid documentation. But the adoption and community around Perk are too small to bet.

If you’re struggling with choosing a web framework and want detailed feedback, leave a comment below! We’ll get back to you.

Ashwini Murthy

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