May 24, 2018 by Nikilav Venkatesh

PipeCandy, until recently has been collecting, storing and selling contact data on executives (specifically, names, designations and email ids) working at eCommerce companies. The data has been collected through non opt-in means from public data sources & partners.

However, PipeCandy has stopped collecting and storing from May 1, 2018. PipeCandy continues to sell contact data of executives from non-EU regions for a handful of existing customers. No new customers on-boarded after May 1 have access to any contact data after May 25, 2018.

In short, PipeCandy no longer sells contact data of decision makers with partial effect from May 1, 2018, and with full effect from May 25, 2018.


Our commitment to data privacy and protection

Being a company that tracks and reports economic activity in the eCommerce space, we handle massive amounts of data. PipeCandy has consciously and by design, built security measures to acquire, store and process data.

Towards full compliance to GDPR requirements, PipeCandy will stop processing any personally identifiable information starting May 25, 2018 and where in the future we may offer integrations to 3rd party data processors who process such information, we will institute processes and practices that ensure adequate and clear hand-off of data protection and privacy between us and partners as required.

PipeCandy currently does not have 3rd party data partners for acquiring personally identifiable information.


PipeCandy as a data controller

PipeCandy’s website gathers opt-in information (specifically, names, email ids and phone numbers – marketing database) from its prospects including EU citizens. PipeCandy has done the following steps to ensure privacy, transparency and ease of providing and revoking consent.


  1. We have identified specific handlers of customer & prospect information within PipeCandy and have trained them about secure handling of data.
  2. We have audited the internal systems and third party tools that we handle for marketing communications to be GDPR compliant or would be compliant before May 25, 2018 and will continue to do periodic internal audits to ensure continuous compliance.
  3. We will be reaching out to EU contacts in our ‘marketing database’ for consent to use their information for marketing to them.
  4. Our website, due for a relaunch before May 25, 2018 will carry explicit, revocable consent indication mechanisms with clear elucidation of intent of usage of the marketing data
  5. The new website will also have updated Privacy Policy detailing our adherence to GDPR

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