December 17, 2021 by Ashwin Ramasamy

We’re wrapping 2021 up on a high!  

We’re delighted to today present to you all a new version of our flagship product Prospector that now covers 5 million ecommerce and DTC brands (5.4M to be precise), making PipeCandy the largest commerce database globally. 

Since our launch five years ago, we have been diligently piecing together data about ecommerce and DTC brands, cleaning them up, estimating revenue and order volumes of long tail ecommerce companies  and presenting them in formats that are extremely easy to consume. In the last two years in particular, the market has ballooned, and our data analysts have been working hard to bring you the deets on all the new brands that have popped up, and the efforts have culminated in the launch of Prospector V6. 

Here’s what’s new and different about PipeCandy’s Prospector V6:

  • Five-freaking-million companies – That just means one thing for you. Every ecommerce company that matters and every DTC brand that just started – all of them – are now tracked. You just have to look out for them.
  • Ecommerce tech categories you couldn’t have seen before – Ecommerce tech evolves faster than the ‘industry trackers’ can keep up with. ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ is now a technology. We know which websites have their checkouts built with BNPL plugins. There are a dozen such examples. If ecommerce matters to you, the way we track tech should matter to you.
  • A new look and some more! We’ve retained the features you all loved about the product but have tweaked the interface so it is easier and smoother now to navigate the database and pull out data that you might be looking for.

There’s also a freshly-minted integration to HubSpot and another with Salesforce that’s just being baked (well, their security review takes time and the train can’t wait any longer!) 

Do click here and head on over and take a look at Prospector V6. “Ah, blah, blah. Yet another product launch”, did I hear? How about a 30% discount for Prospector which is now 5x bigger? Now we’re talking, right? Sign up for the paid versions of Prospector before the 30th of December and you get to save those zillion dollars.

We’ll see on the other side of the holidays or right before if you want to sign on the dotted lines.

Happy Holidays!

Ashwin Ramasamy

Co-founder @ PipeCandy

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