November 8, 2019 by Chandramouli Ramesh

Conferences are a gold-mine for leads. Go to the right conference with the right technique, you’ll walk out with hundreds of prospects in your pipeline. On the flipside, conferences are expensive! The flight tickets, the accommodation, networking costs, and the conference tickets can be a huge chunk of your budget especially if you are an early-stage company like us. We, at PipeCandy, have put together a list of e-commerce, delivery, logistics, and retail conferences around the globe that you can attend in 2020. We have also included the price range of tickets and early bird offers if any. The conferences are in arranged in a chronological order.

We attended multiple conferences in 2019 with marketing hacks that got us a whole lot of qualified leads. We brought about $25,000 of immediate closures (with extensions coming along as we go) for a spend of about $5,000.